Plângerea Constantinopolului / Εαλώ η Πόλις / Lamentations for the fall of Constantinople (audio, 3CD)

Plângerea Constantinopolului  / Εαλώ η Πόλις / Lamentations for the fall of Constantinople (audio, 3 CD)

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CD 1
01. When angles were founding Constantinople: Crete
02. Among three Seas: Thessaly
03. Vasilissa ergo gaude: G. Dufay
04. God peals, the earth peals: Chalkidiki
05. The church signed: Asia Minor
06. Send a message to the Franks: N. Aegean
07. And you, birds of Roumeli: Nikomedia
08. Oh ye birds that fly: Serres, Macedonia
09. All the days of God: Crete
10. The Turks have taken Constantinople:Thessaly
11. We want no mosques: Skyros Island
12.The upper sanctuary is taken: Capadocia
13. The captive: Pontos
14. Constantine has fallen, Constantinople
15. Your pegeons fly: Thrace
16. The balled of Constantine Palaeologos: Crete
17. Would I were a bird to fly: Northern Thrace

CD 2
01. A girl sang
02. Three shps are leaving: Thrace
03. The nun: Epirus
04. The nun was cooking: Asia Minor
05. Last night I was sleeping: Vithynia, Asia Minor
06. Alexander and the king: Thrace
07. Alexander and Constandis, Eastern Thrace
08. They took the City, they took Constantinople: M. Kalomiris
09. They took the City, they took Constantinople: Epirus
10. Oh God, the heathen have come. M. Chrysafis
11. Why, oh bird, don’t you sing: Thrace
12. Lementato Sanctae Matris. G. Dufary
13. When Constantinople ruled: Trabizonde
14. A bird, a good bird. Trabizonde
15. Oh, woe to us, thrice woe: Trebizonde

CD 3
01. Three Cretan monks: Peloponese

02. Three Cretan monks: Roumeli
03. Today the churches chant: Kersassus
04. Today the churches chant: Asia Mnor
05. All the churches were chanting: Asia Minor
06. All the churches peal: Eastern Thrace
07. Today the churches chant: Asia Minor
08. The Ballad of young Constantine: Epirus
09. Constantinople, oh where are your towers: Crete
10. Oh ship, little ship: Asia Minor
11. The little ship: Propontis
12. The Greek ships: Northern Greece
13. Like the Marbles of Constantinople: Constantinople
14. The Evzone Regiment: G. Lambelet
15. The Holy Grail of St. Sophia: J. Noussias
16. Heave, ho!: M. Kalomiris
17. Five hundred years have passed
18. The Smyrna-girl and the Constantnople- girl
19. Oh, City, Constantinople: N. Mavroudis



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