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Extra CBS. Despre Mount Athos. Materiale în plus față de ce s-a transmis la 60 Minutes on CBS News

Aveți mai jos câteva materiale în plus, față de documentarul 60 minutes, CBS, despre Mount Athos:
Un reportaj de excepție despre Sfântul Munte Athos. 60 Minutes on CBS News

Are monks living at Mt. Athos in northern Greece happier people than people in the outside world? Father Matthew certainly thinks so and explains why.

Bob Simon spoke with Rebecca Jarvis on the rare access he was given to profile the monks of Mt. Athos in an upcoming „60 Minutes” story.

Mount Athos is an autonomous, self-administered region within Greece. Father Maximos explains how this came to be.

Father Iakovos, who has been living at the Simonospetras monastery for 25 years, explains why the monasteries were built like fortresses.